Intro to Revolutionary War
__1. Battle of Bunker HillA. Colony leaders discussed troubled relationship with Britain
__2. Common SenseB. Colonists who fought for independence from Great Britain
__3. Continental ArmyC. Local militia. Ready to fight at minutes notice.
__4. Declaration of IndependenceD. Soldiers from all colonies in united fight against BRitain
__5. First Continental CongressE. A name Britain soldiers were often referred to as.
__6. LoyalistsF. Colonists who chose to side and fight with British
__7. MinutemenG. A victory for the British that showed Colonists could fight
__8. PatriotsH. Written by Thomas Paine. Government by citizens not kings
__9. RedcoatsI. Announced colonies' break from Great Britain
__10. tyrannyJ. oppressive power exerted by a government or ruler
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