ing III 2da ev
  • 1. It __________________ when we _______________ out.
A) were raining / was going
B) was raining / went
  • 2. I ________________ the window because it was hot yesterday.
A) opening
B) opened
  • 3. The phone ______________ when Sue was ______________.
A) was ringing / cooked
B) rang / was cooking
  • 4. Catherine bought a magazine but she ________________ read it because she didn’t have time.
A) don't
B) didn't
C) wasn't
  • 5. Terry __________ in a bank from 1996 to 2003.
A) works
B) worked
C) were working
  • 6. Caroline _______________ to the cinema three times last week.
A) goes
B) was
C) went
  • 7. I _________________ televesion yesterday.
A) weren't watching
B) didn't watch
  • 8. The weather ________________ good last week.
A) was
B) were
C) is
  • 9. The car _____________ at the lights
A) stoping
B) stop
C) stopped
  • 10. Clare ___________ to Egypt last month
A) went
B) goed
C) go
  • 11. Read the text and answer: How did Phil feel yesterday morning?
A) sad
B) happy
C) angry
  • 12. What happened to him during breakfast?
A) he had a shower
B) he cooked
C) he cut his finger
  • 13. Read the text again and answer: Did he buy a ticket for the football match?
A) no, he didn't
B) yes, he did
  • 14. What happened when he was in Park Road?
A) He bought a bike
B) He fell off his bike because a car hit him
  • 15. What did he do in the end?
A) he continued cycling
B) He felt sad and decided to go home.
  • 16. Everyone _______ a marvellous time yesterday
A) has
B) had
C) haved
  • 17. I _______ Chemistry all night the day before yesterday
A) study
B) studies
C) studied
  • 18. ______ he do his homework yesterday?
A) was
B) were
C) Did
  • 19. It was ________ heavily yesterday.
A) rain
B) raining
C) rained
  • 20. What movie _____ you watching yesterday?
A) was
B) were
C) did
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