Earth Science Vocab Matching
__1. affectA. act on, "influence", or change
__2. analyzeB. grouping together items that are "alike" in some way
__3. classifyC. examine the parts of something carefully to "understand it"
__4. conclusionD. "summary" of what you have learned
__5. controlE. "information gathered" from your observations
__6. dataF. part of the experiment "used for comparison"
__7. data tableG. a way to "organize data" collected in an experiment
__8. densityA. study of "Earth" and its "place in space"
__9. earth scienceB. measure of how much "mass" is contained in a given "volume"
__10. effectC. the abililty to "do work"
__11. energyD. something "made to happen" by a person or thing (noun)
__12. experimentE. steps involved in the "testing of a hypothesis"
__13. gramF. metric (SI) unit for "mass"
__14. graphG. a visual reprentation ("picture) of data"
__15. hypothesisA. when you "explain or interpret" the things you observe
__16. inferB. "educated guess" or answer to scientific questions
__17. inquiryC. the study of "living things"
__18. life scienceD. "looking for answers" to questions/problems
__19. literE. metric (SI) unit for "volume"
__20. massF. "amount of matter" in an object
__21. meterA. "small version" of a complex object or process
__22. modelingB. using one of more of your "senses" to gather information
__23. observationC. the study of "matter and energy"
__24. physical scienceD. "guessing" the future" based on past experiences
__25. predictE. the "question" that is trying to be solved
__26. problemF. metric (SI) unit for "length"
__27. scientific methodA. the modern version of the "metric system"
__28. SIB. "series of planned steps" scientists use to solve problems
__29. technologyC. scientific discoveries used "to improve" the way people live
__30. unitsD. tells you what the number (measurement) "represents"
__31. variableE. part of the experiment that is "changed"
__32. volumeF. the "amount of space" matter occupies
__33. weightG. the force of gravity "acting on a mass"
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