National Value Assignment - JSS 3
  • 1. 1. Which of these is not a national symbols
A) Range rover
B) anthem
C) flag
D) Coat of arms
  • 2. 2. _____ stands for dignity in the coat of arms
A) Lettry
B) Horses
C) Eagle
D) Vegetation
  • 3. 3. A child can be socialized through the following except _____
A) prison
B) school
C) peer group
D) family
  • 4. 4. Increase in crime rate in a country will
A) encourage foreign investor
B) drive away foreign investor
C) increase government revenue
D) boost the level of economic activities
  • 5. 5. A person who commits a crime is called a ______
A) crimer
B) criminal
C) fraud
D) criminality
  • 6. 6. The colour of Nigeria flag is _____, _____ and _____
A) white, red, white
B) green, white, green
C) black, white, black
D) green, white, yellow
  • 7. 7. The form of socialization which takes place when a person is old enough to learn by himself/herself is called ____
A) Primary socialization
B) Childhood socialization
C) Secondary socialization
D) Peer group socialization
  • 8. 8. Culture is divided into _____ and ____
A) material, non material
B) tie, dye
C) clothing, housing
D) moral, immoral
  • 9. 9. The two stages of socialization are ____ and _____
A) nursery, primary
B) primary, secondary
C) institution, secondary
D) college, university
  • 10. 10. A child learns new attitude and skills through _____
A) imitation
B) carelessness
C) memorization
D) ignorance
  • 11. 11. Mass media as one of the agents of socialization is responsible for the following except
A) control of people's movement
B) entertainment of the masses
C) education of the citizen
D) provision of information to people
  • 12. 12. To prevent crimes, citizens should do the following except
A) obeying the law
B) reporting suspicious movement in the day or night
C) reporting suspected criminals
D) bribing police not to prosecute
  • 13. 13. The number of people in the family is ______
A) None of the above
B) Family bond
C) Family size
D) Family tree
  • 14. 14. _____ culture refers to the aspects of culture that we see and touch
A) Material
B) Intangible
C) Non material
D) Diamond
  • 15. 15. The type of family size that includes the father, mother and few children is referred to as ____
A) small family size
B) large family size
C) limited family size
D) unlimited family size
  • 16. 16. _____ is the book that contains the law of the country
A) National pledge
B) Nigeria constitution
C) National anthem
D) National flag
  • 17. 17. One of these is an example of non material culture
A) language
B) house
C) food
D) cloth
  • 18. 18. ______ family size is wider than nuclear family
A) Limited
B) Large
C) Small
D) Medium
  • 19. 19. Which of the features of culture teaches us about the existence of God?
A) Language
B) Religion
C) Dressing
D) Food
  • 20. 20. The act of deliberately killing of another person is called _____
A) murder
B) robbery
C) drug trafficking
D) theft
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