05-Layers of the atmosphere Unit 08
  • 1. In which layer is the ozone?
A) Biosphere
B) Troposphere
C) Stratosphere
D) Mesosphere
  • 2. In which layer does reach a temperature of -60ºC?
A) Exosphere
B) Troposphere
C) Litosphere
D) Stratosphere
  • 3. In which layer is the pressure lower?
A) Biosphere
B) Thermosphere
C) Stratosphere
D) Troposphere
  • 4. The main gases which form the atmosphere are..
A) H2 , O2
B) He , N2
C) He , O2
D) N2 , O2
  • 5. In the thermosphere the temperature drop
  • 6. The troposphere layer reach until
A) 80 km
B) 50 km
C) 12 km
D) 500 km
  • 7. The atmospheric phenomena occur in
A) Exosphere
B) Stratosphere
C) Biosphere
D) Troposphere
  • 8. The IONOSPHERE is important because
A) Keeps the temperature stable
B) Reduces the greenhouse effect
C) Reflect the Electromagnetic Waves
D) Absorbe the UVA rays
  • 9. What's the name of the instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure
A) Manómetro
B) Barómetro
C) Atmosferómetro
D) Presionómetro
  • 10. El calentamiento de la atmosfera debido a la absorcion de ondas infrarojas por el CO2 se denomina
A) Water Cycle
B) Greenhouse effect
C) Greenwich effect
D) Photosynthesis
  • 11. In which layer of the atmosphere meteors are burned
A) Mesosphere
B) Thermosphere
C) Troposphere
D) Stratosphere
  • 12. The greenhouse effect is
A) Warming of the atmosphere
B) Increase of UVA radiation
C) Growth of green plants
D) Droping of acid rain
  • 13. The instrument used to measure the pressure of a gas in a container is called
A) Manómetro
B) Barómetro
C) Gasómetro
D) Presionómetro
  • 14. CO2 absorption by plants to produce food is called
A) Photosynthesis
B) Greenhouse effect
C) Oxidation
D) CO2 cycle
  • 15. on top of Mount Everest the atmospheric pressure is about
A) 1/3 of the pressure at sea level
B) 1/2 of the pressure at sea level
C) 1/6 of the pressure at sea level
D) 3 times the pressure at sea level
  • 16. Atmospheric pressure is the same at any height from the ground
A) True
B) False
  • 17. The average temperature on the surface of the earth is about
A) 25ºC
B) -18ºC
C) 0ºC
D) 15ºC
  • 18. the first scientist who measured the atmospheric pressure was
A) Newton
B) Torricelli
C) Galileo
D) Arquimedes
  • 19. oxygen from the atmosphere
A) was produced by green plants
B) was produced by anaerobic bacteria
C) was produced by amphibians
D) was produced by fungi
  • 20. which gas was NOT present in the PRIMITIVE earth's atmosphere?
A) SO2
B) NH3
C) O2
D) H2O
  • 21. The force exerted at sea level by atmospheric pressure is about
A) 9'8 kg / cm2
B) 760 g / m2
C) 1 kg / m2
D) 1 kg / cm2
  • 22. The most abundant gas in the atmosphere in our days is
A) Nitrogen
B) water vapor
C) Oxygen
D) Carbon dioxide
  • 23. CO2 is a gas useless. It only serves to increase the greenhouse effect
A) False
B) True
  • 24. Razona por qué la presión atmosférica DISMINUYE con la altitud (por ej. a la altura a la que vuelan los aviones -10.000 m- es casi 4 veces menor)
  • 25. Haz una breve redacción contando lo que has aprendido en esta unidad y destacando lo que te ha parecido mas interesante.
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