Mekong Delta
  • 1. Mekong Delta is a vast maze of rivers, swamps, and islands located in southern Vietnam. It is known for its rich agricultural lands, diverse ecosystems, and unique way of life. The Delta is home to a vibrant community of farmers, fishermen, and traders who rely on the waterways for their livelihoods. The region is also a popular tourist destination, offering opportunities for boat tours, homestays, and visits to floating markets. With its lush green fields, bustling waterways, and charming villages, Mekong Delta is a fascinating and beautiful place to explore.

    What country is the Mekong Delta located in?
A) Indonesia
B) Vietnam
C) Thailand
D) Cambodia
  • 2. Which river forms the Mekong Delta?
A) Mekong River
B) Yangtze River
C) Amazon River
D) Nile River
  • 3. What is the primary economic activity in the Mekong Delta region?
A) Agriculture
B) Mining
C) Finance
D) Manufacturing
  • 4. What is a common method of transportation in the Mekong Delta?
A) Boat
B) Train
C) Helicopter
D) Car
  • 5. What type of cuisine is commonly found in the Mekong Delta region?
A) Vietnamese
B) Indian
C) Italian
D) Mexican
  • 6. Which of these is a famous floating market in the Mekong Delta?
A) La Boqueria
B) Cai Rang
C) Pike Place
D) Tsukiji
  • 7. What type of landform is the Mekong Delta known for?
A) Mountain Range
B) Desert
C) Swamp
D) River Delta
  • 8. Which season is the best time to visit the Mekong Delta for a boat tour?
A) Winter Season
B) Dry Season
C) Monsoon Season
D) Spring Season
  • 9. Which of the following is a floating village in the Mekong Delta?
A) Hanoi
B) Da Nang
C) Chau Doc
D) Ho Chi Minh City
  • 10. What is the main crop grown in the Mekong Delta?
A) Soybeans
B) Rice
C) Corn
D) Wheat
  • 11. Which of these animals can be commonly found in the Mekong Delta?
A) Polar Bear
B) Tiger
C) Kangaroo
D) Water Buffalo
  • 12. Where does the Mekong Delta ultimately flow into?
A) Pacific Ocean
B) South China Sea
C) Indian Ocean
D) Gulf of Thailand
  • 13. Which ethnic group is the largest in the Mekong Delta region?
A) Khmer
B) Tay
C) Hmong
D) Kinh
  • 14. What is the climate of the Mekong Delta region characterized by?
A) Temperate
B) Tropical
C) Arctic
D) Desert
  • 15. What type of ecosystem is the Mekong Delta known for?
A) Rainforest
B) Desert
C) Wetlands
D) Tundra
  • 16. What is the traditional boat used in the Mekong Delta called?
A) Canoe
B) Yacht
C) Speedboat
D) Sampan
  • 17. What is the main religion practiced in the Mekong Delta?
A) Buddhism
B) Hinduism
C) Christianity
D) Islam
  • 18. What is the name of the Vietnamese festival celebrated in the Mekong Delta during the Lunar New Year?
A) Christmas
B) Tet
C) Thanksgiving
D) Diwali
  • 19. Which famous author wrote about his journey through the Mekong Delta in the novel 'The Quiet American'?
A) J.K. Rowling
B) Graham Greene
C) Ernest Hemingway
D) Harper Lee
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