• 1. Where is Ampato located?
A) Colombia
B) Argentina
C) Peru
D) Brazil
  • 2. What type of mountain is Ampato?
A) Shield volcano
B) Stratovolcano
C) Plateau
D) Cinder cone
  • 3. Which indigenous civilization revered Ampato as a deity?
A) Moche
B) Aztec
C) Maya
D) Inca
  • 4. What is the main rock type of Ampato?
A) Marble
B) Andesite
C) Basalt
D) Granite
  • 5. Which region of Peru is Ampato located in?
A) Piura
B) Arequipa
C) Cusco
D) Lima
  • 6. Which American researcher played a key role in the discovery of Mummy Juanita on Ampato?
A) Johan Reinhard
B) Dian Fossey
C) Jane Goodall
D) Jacques Cousteau
  • 7. Which famous Inca site is located near Ampato?
A) Tikal
B) Teotihuacan
C) Chichen Itza
D) Machu Picchu
  • 8. What mountain range is Ampato a part of?
A) Rockies
B) Himalayas
C) Andes
D) Alps
  • 9. Which year was the first human sacrifice found on Ampato?
A) 1985
B) 1975
C) 2005
D) 1995
  • 10. What was the occupation of the individuals sacrificed on Ampato?
A) Warriors
B) Farmers
C) Children
D) Priests
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