• 1. Who was the first president of North Vietnam?
A) Tran Dai Quang
B) Vo Nguyen Giap
C) Ho Chi Minh
D) Ngo Dinh Diem
  • 2. Which country colonized Vietnam in the 19th century?
A) Japan
B) China
C) France
D) United States
  • 3. Which year did the Vietnam War officially end?
A) 1965
B) 1995
C) 1975
D) 1985
  • 4. What was the capital of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War?
A) Da Nang
B) Hue
C) Hanoi
D) Saigon
  • 5. The Ho Chi Minh trail was used by North Vietnam to supply troops during the war. What was the trail's destination?
A) Cambodia
B) China
C) South Vietnam
D) Laos
  • 6. Which U.S. president escalated American involvement in Vietnam by sending troops in 1965?
A) Richard Nixon
B) Dwight D. Eisenhower
C) John F. Kennedy
D) Lyndon B. Johnson
  • 7. Who was the South Vietnamese president overthrown in a coup and assassinated in 1963?
A) Le Duc Tho
B) Ho Chi Minh
C) Nguyen Van Thieu
D) Ngo Dinh Diem
  • 8. What was the code name for the United States bombing campaign during the Vietnam War?
A) Operation Ranch Hand
B) Operation Freedom Deal
C) Operation Rolling Thunder
D) Operation Hanoi Hilton
  • 9. Who was the U.S. Secretary of Defense infamous for his role in the Vietnam War?
A) Henry Kissinger
B) Robert McNamara
C) William Westmoreland
D) Creighton Abrams
  • 10. What was the name of the American whistleblower who released the Pentagon Papers about the Vietnam War?
A) Julian Assange
B) Chelsea Manning
C) Edward Snowden
D) Daniel Ellsberg
  • 11. Which Vietnamese emperor abdicated in 1945, officially ending the Nguyen dynasty rule?
A) Tu Duc
B) Bao Dai
C) Minh Mang
D) Thieu Tri
  • 12. What was the term used to describe the U.S. military strategy of forced removal of civilians from rural villages in South Vietnam?
A) Strategic Hamlet Program
B) Phoenix Program
C) Agent Orange Campaign
D) Operation Ranch Hand
  • 13. Which U.S. military unit was involved in the notorious My Lai Massacre?
A) Charlie Company
B) Delta Company
C) Alpha Company
D) Bravo Company
  • 14. Which country provided significant military aid to South Vietnam during the Vietnam War?
A) Soviet Union
B) United States
C) France
D) China
  • 15. What was the name of the Buddhist monk who set himself on fire in protest of South Vietnam's policies in 1963?
A) Thich Quang Duc
B) Ho Chi Minh
C) Ngo Dinh Diem
D) Thich Nhat Hanh
  • 16. What was the name of the agreement signed in 1973 that officially ended direct U.S. military involvement in Vietnam?
A) Hanoi Agreement
B) Geneva Convention
C) Treaty of Saigon
D) Paris Peace Accords
  • 17. Which superpower backed North Vietnam during the war?
A) France
B) United States
C) Soviet Union
D) China
  • 18. Where did the first major engagement between French forces and Viet Minh take place in 1946?
A) Dalat
B) Hue
C) My Tho
D) Haiphong
  • 19. Which U.S. president announced a policy of Vietnamization to gradually withdraw American troops from Vietnam?
A) Lyndon B. Johnson
B) John F. Kennedy
C) Richard Nixon
D) Gerald Ford
  • 20. Which country does Vietnam share its northern border with?
A) Thailand
B) Cambodia
C) Laos
D) China
  • 21. What is the capital city of Vietnam?
A) Hue
B) Hanoi
C) Ho Chi Minh City
D) Da Nang
  • 22. What is the currency used in Vietnam?
A) Baht
B) Vietnamese dong
C) Yen
D) Won
  • 23. Which famous river flows through Vietnam?
A) Amazon River
B) Mekong River
C) Danube River
D) Nile River
  • 24. Which American war is also known as the Vietnam War?
A) World War II
B) Korean War
C) Gulf War
D) Second Indochina War
  • 25. What is the most popular Vietnamese noodle soup dish?
A) Ramen
B) Udon
C) Pho
D) Spaghetti
  • 26. Which famous limestone karst landscape is located in Vietnam?
A) Grand Canyon
B) Great Barrier Reef
C) Mount Everest
D) Halong Bay
  • 27. What is the most common religion practiced in Vietnam?
A) Islam
B) Christianity
C) Buddhism
D) Hinduism
  • 28. What is the traditional Vietnamese coffee filter called?
A) Phin
B) French press
C) Percolator
D) Espresso machine
  • 29. What is the official language of Vietnam?
A) French
B) English
C) Mandarin
D) Vietnamese
  • 30. What is the famous Vietnamese sandwich made with French baguette called?
A) Croissant
B) Doner kebab
C) Gyros
D) Banh mi
  • 31. Which ancient Vietnamese capital city is famous for its citadel and imperial city?
A) Luang Prabang
B) Hue
C) Ayutthaya
D) Bagan
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