• 1. Where is Mitrovica located?
A) Egypt
B) Italy
C) Greece
D) Kosovo
  • 2. What river runs through Mitrovica?
A) Nile
B) Amazon
C) Danube
D) Ibar
  • 3. Which ethnic groups are divided by the Ibar River in Mitrovica?
A) Turks and Greeks
B) Croatians and Bosnians
C) Russians and Ukrainians
D) Albanians and Serbs
  • 4. Which war resulted in the division of Mitrovica?
A) Gulf War
B) Kosovo War
C) World War II
D) Vietnam War
  • 5. Which sector is a key part of Mitrovica's economy?
A) Mining
B) Agriculture
C) Technology
D) Tourism
  • 6. Which country does Mitrovica share its borders with?
A) Brazil
B) Germany
C) France
D) Serbia
  • 7. What is the main language spoken in Mitrovica?
A) Spanish
B) Mandarin
C) English
D) Albanian and Serbian
  • 8. What is the climate in Mitrovica like?
A) Desert climate
B) Arctic climate
C) Continental climate
D) Tropical climate
  • 9. Which United Nations mission was established in Mitrovica after the war?
A) United Nations Environmental Program
B) United Nations Human Rights Commission
C) United Nations Peacekeeping Force
D) United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK)
  • 10. What historic event occurred in Mitrovica in 1389?
A) Battle of Kosovo
B) First settlement
C) Invention of printing press
D) Discovery of oil
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