Giant's Causeway: The Mysterious Rock Formation in Northern
  • 1. Where is Giant's Causeway located?
A) Greenland
B) Northern Ireland
C) Iceland
D) Scotland
  • 2. How was Giant's Causeway formed?
A) Glacial erosion
B) Meteor impact
C) Coral reef formation
D) Volcanic activity
  • 3. What body of water borders Giant's Causeway?
A) Indian Ocean
B) North Atlantic Ocean
C) Mediterranean Sea
D) Arctic Ocean
  • 4. Giant's Causeway is made up of predominantly what kind of rock?
A) Basalt
B) Limestone
C) Sandstone
D) Granite
  • 5. Which famous road includes a visit to Giant's Causeway in its itinerary?
A) The Great Ocean Road
B) The Causeway Coastal Route
C) The Pacific Coast Highway
D) Route 66
  • 6. Giant's Causeway is now owned and managed by which organization?
B) European Union
C) Irish Government
D) National Trust
  • 7. Which television show featured Giant's Causeway as a filming location in one of its episodes?
A) Stranger Things
B) Game of Thrones
C) The Office
D) Breaking Bad
  • 8. What season is generally the busiest for visitors to Giant's Causeway?
A) Winter
B) Autumn
C) Spring
D) Summer
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