1st Grade Social Studies 2009
  • 1. United States Bird Symbol
A) Big Bird
B) Bald Eagle
C) Robin
  • 2. To decide
A) diversity
B) choice
C) citizen
  • 3. A member of a city, state or country
A) citizen
B) church
C) community
  • 4. A place where people live or belong
A) school
B) store
C) community
  • 5. To show kindness
A) angry
B) compassion
C) honesty
  • 6. A person who buy goods
A) consumer
B) decomposer
C) transportation
  • 7. To be brave
A) courage
B) strong
C) fear
  • 8. Thinking about how to make a choice
A) fair
B) honesty
C) decision making
  • 9. People of different backgrounds
A) honesty
B) diversity
C) friendly
  • 10. Things that will happen at a later time
A) today
B) future
C) yesterday
  • 11. A round object that looks like the earth
A) globe
B) sphere
C) ball
  • 12. Things to sell
A) goods
B) friends
C) dog
  • 13. Tell the truth
A) decide
B) honesty
C) choice
  • 14. Rule made by government
A) line
B) law
C) book
  • 15. One that guides
A) line
B) follower
C) leader
  • 16. A picture of a place or area
A) maps
B) globe
C) table
  • 17. Use to buy and sell goods
A) toys
B) money
C) food
  • 18. Special day celebrated across country or world
A) cinco de mayo
B) National Holiday
C) church
  • 19. Things that already happen
A) today
B) past
C) tomorrow
  • 20. Things that are happening now
A) tomorrow
B) yesterday
C) present
  • 21. To make or grow goods
A) producer
B) consumer
C) singer
  • 22. Directions of how to act or behave
A) voting
B) rules
C) past
  • 23. Not enough goods or services
A) scarcity
B) transportation
C) plenty
  • 24. People that provide something you need
A) jobs
B) services
C) store
  • 25. Symbol of freedom
A) Bald Eagle
B) Statue of Liberty
C) Oscar
  • 26. Picture or thing that stands for something else
A) signs
B) symbols
C) globe
  • 27. To give something and get something back
A) rules
B) trade
C) reward
  • 28. Symbol of United States Government
A) Elmo
B) White House
C) Uncle Sam
  • 29. To help others for free
A) compassion
B) law
C) volunteering
  • 30. To make a choice
A) voting
B) gift
C) present
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