March of the Penguins
  • 1. The emperor penguin is technically a ____________ that makes its home in the sea.
A) fish
B) bird
C) mammal
  • 2. Why do the penguins need to change their path from year to year?
A) Polar bears get in their way.
B) They do not want any other penguins to be able to follow them.
C) The ice keeps shifting and changing.
  • 3. Once the penguins arrive at their breeding grounds, what do they do?
A) search for food
B) build a nest
C) look for a mate
  • 4. How do the penguins protect themselves against the freezing cold?
A) The hide in caves to keep warm.
B) They dig holes to keep warm.
C) They huddle together to keep warm.
  • 5. Which one of these animals is a predator of the emperor penguin?
A) the polar bear
B) the killer whale
C) the leopard seal
  • 6. What is different about the mother penguin's third trip to the breeding grounds?
A) Another breed of penguin joins them.
B) It is in the dark.
C) They take a different route.
  • 7. How will the chick and the father find each other when the father returns?
A) They learn each other's scent.
B) They can recognize the pattern of each other's feathers.
C) They will sing to each other.
  • 8. Every year, some mother penguins that lost their chick will respond by
A) dying from depression.
B) walking back to the sea.
C) trying to steal another mother's chick.
  • 9. How do the chicks learn to swim?
A) Their father teaches them.
B) Their mother teaches them.
C) Instinct. They naturally know how to do it.
  • 10. How long will the chicks live at sea before they start the march of the penguins for the first time?
A) two years
B) four years
C) one year
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