Integer word problems mult/div
Josh has 36 postcards from national parks he visited. He wants to put them in a binder. Each page in the binder holds 6 postcards. How many pages does he need for the binder?
He needs
The temperature dropped 2 °F every hour for 8 hours. What was the total number of degrees the temperature changed in the 8 hours?
10 °F
16 °F
-16 °F
-10 °F
Clark made three of his truck payments lateand was charged 3 late fees.The total change to his savingsfrom late fees was -$75.How much was one late fee?

The price of one share changed $
after the 6 days.
The price of one share of Acme Company declined $2 per day for 6 days in a row. How much did the price of one share change in total after the 6 days?
The overall change in his elevation was feet.
A mountain climber climbed down a cliff 30 feet at a time. He did this 6 times in one day. What was the overall change in his elevation?
Jan was penalized for each wrong answer.
Jan received -20 points on her exam. She got 5 questions wrong out of 25 questions. How much was Jan penalized for each wrong answer?
Allen’s score in a video game was changed by -48points because he missed some targets. He got -8 points for each missed target. How many targets did he miss?
He missed          targets.
Louisa’s savings change by -$18 each time she goes bowling. In all, it changed by -$108 during the summer. How many times did she go bowling in the summer?
She went bowling times in the summer.
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