3rd Grade Procedures
  • 1. How many people may be at the pencil sharpener at one time?
A) no more than three
B) no more than two
C) as many as need to sharpen their pencils
D) no more than four
  • 2. How many pencils are you to sharpen at one time?
A) three
B) five
C) four
D) two
  • 3. Where do you typically walk as you go through the hallway in your class line?
A) on the left side
B) wherever I can
C) on the right side
D) in the middle of the hall
  • 4. Which words describe the way you are to act during class restroom breaks after lunch?
A) chatty, silly, and funny
B) slow, noisy, and grumpy
C) jumpy, loud, and active
D) quick, clean, and quiet
  • 5. Who is first in line as we line up for lunch?
A) Lunch Boxes
B) Butterflies
C) Chatty People
D) Lines 1-4
  • 6. What do I say about Dismissal
A) Dismissal is noisy
B) Dismissal is delightful
C) Dismissal is Silent
D) Talk during Dismissal
  • 7. How do you know that recess is over?
A) You hear a bell ringing.
B) You see a yellow flag waving.
C) You see your teacher at the door.
D) You hear a whistle blowing.
  • 8. During direct instruction while your teacher is teaching or during independent work time while you are working at your seat, what do you do if you have a question?
A) Get up and ask your teacher.
B) Tap your pencil on your desk three times.
C) Call out your teacher's name.
D) Raise your hand and wait for your teacher.
  • 9. Which of the following is NOT an activity from which you may choose should you finish your work early?
A) Practice cursive writing.
B) Review or study for a test.
C) Talk to a friend
D) Read a book.
  • 10. At the end of the day, how much talking is allowed during dismissal?
A) Absolutely no talking
B) normal voices with people at your table
C) a whisper voice with the person across from you
D) talking with six inch voices to the person beside you
  • 11. When the whistle is blown at the end of recess, you should
A) run to your class's line
B) continue talking to your friends as you walk to the line
C) walk to your class's line
D) gather all recess equipment even though you didn't play with these things
  • 12. At what time of day should you fill your water bottle?
A) whenever you run out of water
B) in the morning, during check-in procedures
C) after recess when you are really thirsty
D) at the end of the day during dismissal
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