Interpreting Graphs Review
  • 1. According to the Venn diagram, what are the most popular types of music?
A) blues and jazz
B) rock and reggae
C) blues and country & western
D) jazz and rock
  • 2. Billie owns a small television store. She has been keeping track of how many televisions she has sold over the last 10 months. Approximately what was Billie's total number of televisions sold at the end of Month 2?
A) 123 televisions
B) 113 televisions
C) 19 televisions
D) 80 televisions
  • 3. About how many more people attended concerts in July than in August?
A) 100
B) 300
C) 200
D) 400
  • 4. In the Venn diagram above, what shape is only part of group N?
A) trianlge
B) oval
C) arch
D) rectangle
  • 5. Which table is consistent with the bar graph above?
A) Monday-4 Tuesday-3 Wednesday-4
B) Monday-4 Tuesday-3 Wednesday-2
C) Monday-4 Tuesday-4 Wednesday-3
D) Monday-4 Tuesday-3 Wednesday-3
  • 6. How many kids ride the bus?
A) 10
B) 45
C) 50
D) 5
  • 7. Jonathan measured his new plant every week for 7 weeks. How many inches did Jonathan's plant grow between week 1 and week 7?
A) 12 inches
B) 10 inches
C) 13 inches
D) 9 inches
  • 8. How many people like Lemonade? One cup = 2
A) 10
B) 5
C) 4
D) 12
  • 9. 9. What are the two most popular days of the week?
A) Wednesday and Saturday
B) Thursday and Saturday
C) Wednesday and Thursday
D) Monday and Thursday
  • 10. How many games had a score less than 212?
A) 4
B) 3
C) 5
D) 10
  • 11. List the planets in order from the planet with the most votes to the planet with the fewest votes.
A) Uranus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Venus
B) Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, Jupiter
C) Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Mars Uranus,
D) Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Uranus, Mars
  • 12. 12. What is the least number of minutes a student spent on their homework?
A) 9 minutes
B) not listed
C) 2 minutes
D) 27 minutes
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