1 curious
__1. Has Lucerito been sterilizedA. Yes I have. I have been to Madrid, Sevilla and Granada
__2. Has your aunt gone to Cuenca?B. Yes, she has. Lucerito will be a dog without babies a NOMO
__3. Has your brother married?C. No I haven´t. Actually I have never played any sport
__4. Has your mom cooked tilapia?D. No, they haven´t. They have not eaten yet
__5. Have they eaten?E. Yes. I have. Once I ate a fried monkey in the rainforest
__6. Have you been to Spain?F. Yes he has. But now he is divorced
__7. Have you danced flamenco?G. Yes I have. I have had three dogs: Peluchin, Francisco and L
__8. Have you eaten a weird food?H. Yes, she has. She has gone to different cities in Ecuador
__9. Have you had a pet?I. No, she hasn´t. She has never cooked that kind of fish
__10. Have you played soccer?J. Yes, I have. I love flamenco I have danced sevillanas
__11. Has your sister had a baby?A. Yes, she has. Qué has had two babies
__12. Have you studied English?B. Yes I have. That is the reason I passed the school year
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