AIC JS 2 PHE 2nd Term Revision Test
  • 1. Safety in sports is defined as ____________
A) running away from accidents
B) freedom from accidents
C) being the best athlete
D) being very careful
  • 2. Which of the following is not a facility for swimming ___________
A) beach
B) river
C) aquarium
D) stream
  • 3. In gymnastics, a ____________ should be on standby before performing difficult activity
A) linesman
B) coach
C) referee
D) spotter
  • 4. Gymnastics is a contact sport
A) Yes
B) No
C) Maybe
D) I don’t know
  • 5. Table tennis is also known as ___________
A) King kong
B) Ding dong
C) Ping pong
D) Ting tong
  • 6. Beginners is swimming should start at the ___________ end of the pool
A) colourful
B) deep
C) beautiful
D) shallow
  • 7. The ____________ prevents goals from being scored and directs his players from the rear
A) last man
B) players
D) linesman
  • 8. The officials that participate in table tennis are _____
A) 4
B) 2
C) 3
D) 5
  • 9. Doubles in table tennis is played by different sex
A) Yes
B) No
C) Maybe
D) I don’t know
  • 10. ______________ is a factor that can cause accidents during sports
A) overconfidence
B) being the world champion
C) lack of skills
D) I too know
  • 11. All sports require precision, calculation and patience?
A) Maybe
B) False
C) I don’t know
D) True
  • 12. Arrange these phases of a race in order
A) On your mark, set, go
B) Get ready, set, go
C) On your mat, get ready, go.
D) On your mark, go, finish
  • 13. Balls can also be called ________ in table tennis
A) balls
B) round ball
C) fried egg
D) eggs
  • 14. Permanent disability is a one of the dangers associated with not observing safety precautions
A) Yes
B) No
C) I don’t know
D) Maybe
  • 15. Dislocation is defined as ____________
A) the displacement a fracture.
B) the displacement of a joint at an end
C) the displacement of a part of the body
D) the displacement of a bone at a joint
  • 16. Forehand stroke is a skill used in which sport?
A) Table tennis
B) Hockey
C) Gymnastics
D) Swimming
  • 17. Never use a pool that has no ___________
A) spotter
B) life guard
C) nanny
D) cleaner
  • 18. Singles in table tennis is played by the same sex
A) No
B) Maybe
C) Yes
D) I don’t know
  • 19. Is swimming a contact sport?
A) I don’t know
B) No
C) Yes
D) Maybe
  • 20. How many goal posts are there in the game of hockey
A) 4
B) 3
C) 5
D) 2
  • 21. Doubles in table tennis is played by _____ people in total
A) 6
B) 4
C) 5
D) 2
  • 22. ____________ is the chemical used in swimming to purify the water
A) Aluminum
B) Sulphur
C) Chlorine
D) Calcium
  • 23. The game of hockey is played with a team of ____ players
A) 11
B) 10
C) 12
D) 9
  • 24. Which of these accidents is most likely to occur during swimming
A) drowning
B) fracture
C) muscle tear
D) dislocation
  • 25. It is very bad to take a shower before swimming
A) I don’t know
B) Maybe
C) False
D) True
  • 26. Hockey is a contact sport?
A) Yes
B) I don’t know
C) No
D) Maybe
  • 27. In table tennis the table is divided in the middle by __________
A) nest
B) let
C) mosquito net
D) net
  • 28. The standard temperature of a swimming pool is ________
A) 25o – 28o Celsius
B) 23o - 26o Celsius
C) 26o - 29o Celsius
D) 24o - 27o Celsius
  • 29. A draw in table tennis is called ___________
A) Juice
B) Dice
C) deuce
D) Jeuce
  • 30. When a strain occurs, it affects the _____________
A) fibres
B) bones
C) veins
D) muscles
  • 31. Mixed doubles in table tennis is played by _____ people in total
A) 2
B) 8
C) 4
D) 6
  • 32. Gymnastics originates from a __________ word
A) Nigerian
B) Greek
C) Egyptian
D) Persian
  • 33. ____________ is a skill in hockey except
A) Flicking
B) Tackling
C) Dribbling
D) Smashing
  • 34. The hockey stick are of 2 major types
A) American and English
B) Indian and American
C) Indian and English
D) Indian and Egypt
  • 35. The body that governs the game of table tennis is known as __________
A) I.T.F.T
B) F.I.F.T
C) I.F.T.F
D) I.T.T.F
  • 36. The part of the hockey stick where the player holds is called ___________
A) toe
B) head
C) handle
D) bow
  • 37. Which of these accidents is most likely to occur during gymnastics
A) dislocation
B) concussion
C) drowning
D) muscle tear
  • 38. __________ marks the start of a game in table tennis
A) Shot
B) Service
C) Pass
D) Smash
  • 39. The size of a swimming pool differs in _________
A) lane, size and colour
B) depth, size and length
C) breadth, colour and water thickness
D) depth, colour and size
  • 40. All players must not wear protective gears always regardless of the sport
A) False
B) True
C) I don’t know
D) Maybe
  • 41. Let means _________ in table tennis
A) ball landing outside the table
B) ball over the net
C) opponent not ready
D) ball is broken
  • 42. ___________ is not one of the reason we engage in sports
A) Recreation
B) Skill development
C) Violence
D) Professionalism
  • 43. The colour of the ball is either white, blue or green in ___________
A) table tennis
B) Tic Tac Toe
C) Badminton
D) Golf
  • 44. Hockey is played on __________
A) ice and fire
B) ice and pitch
C) ice and air
D) water and air
  • 45. Is table tennis a contact sport?
A) Yes
B) No
C) I don’t know
D) Maybe
  • 46. The groin protectors are used in which sport?
A) Badminton
B) table tennis
C) Hockey
D) Golf
  • 47. Helmet is not used in which sport
A) Boxing
B) Gymnastics
C) Table tennis
D) Hockey
  • 48. Which sport also serves as a means of survival
A) Swimming
B) Gymnastics
C) Hockey
D) Table tennis
  • 49. The depth of a swimming pool should be ________
A) 3.5m minimum
B) 2.5m minimum
C) 3.0m minimum
D) 2.0m minimum
  • 50. The only Nigerian player in the world’s best top 20 table tennis player is ________________
A) Lionel Messi
B) Haruna Quadri
C) Mr Taofeek
D) Cristiano Ronaldo U
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