Fords 1st mass-produce
  • 1. Who founded the first mass-produced Ford automobile?
A) Henry Ford
B) Alexander Graham Bell
C) Nikola Tesla
D) Thomas Edison
  • 2. In what year was the first mass-produced Ford automobile introduced?
A) 1899
B) 1915
C) 1908
D) 1920
  • 3. What was the name of the first mass-produced Ford automobile?
A) Model A
B) Model T
C) Model E
D) Model S
  • 4. What was the original color of the Model T cars?
A) Black
B) Green
C) Blue
D) Red
  • 5. What was the nickname given to the Model T by the public?
A) Steel Horse
B) Road Warrior
C) Tin Lizzie
D) Silver Bullet
  • 6. How many years was the Model T in production for?
A) 19 years
B) 25 years
C) 5 years
D) 10 years
  • 7. How did the Model T contribute to the decline of horse-drawn carriages?
A) Higher speed limits for cars
B) Increased affordability and accessibility of cars
C) Reduced fuel prices for cars
D) Poor manufacturing quality of carriages
  • 8. What year did Ford stop producing the Model T?
A) 1932
B) 1927
C) 1915
D) 1940
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