Animal Homes
  • 1. Which of these best describes one reason why honeybees use honeycombs?
A) To attract other honeybees
B) To take care of their young
C) To hide from their enemies
D) To stay cool on hot days
  • 2. Which sentence best explains why beavers are so busy?
A) Beaver dams are usually built in the middle of a pond.
B) A lot of work goes into building a beaver lodge.
C) The beaver’s main predators are wolves and river otters.
D) Beavers do not get along well with other animals.
  • 3. Which sentence best describes how a beaver lodge is different from the way it appears?
A) It has many holes but holds back the water.
B) It looks like a pile of sticks but is really a home underneath.
C) It looks big but is really very tiny.
D) It is always placed near a waterfall.
  • 4. Which of these best describes what hermit crabs do?
A) They build nests for their young.
B) They swim quickly to escape the beavers.
C) They search for new shells as they outgrow their old ones.
D) They live with pea crabs near the surface of the ocean.
  • 5. Which of these best describes what the cowbird does?
A) She sits on her eggs until they hatch.
B) She lays her egg in another bird’s nest.
C) She builds a nest in another bird’s tree.
D) She hides her eggs in a dark cave.
  • 6. Which animal carries its home on its back?
A) Termite
B) Turtle
C) Spider
D) Beaver
  • 7. Which animal builds its own home?
A) Hermit crab
B) Pea crab
C) Tortoise
D) Bagworm
  • 8. Read this sentence. A termite tower may contain millions of termites. Which word means about the same thing as the word contain?
A) Eat
B) Count
C) Show
D) Hold
  • 9. Read this sentence. Bees store honey in some of the cells of their hive. Which word is a homophone for cells?
A) Sells
B) Kills
C) Seals
D) Nests
  • 10. Animals are like _____ because they build their own homes.
A) architects
B) structures
C) retreats
D) shelter
E) shallow
  • 11. Termites build tall _____ .
A) shallow
B) structures
C) contain
D) architects
E) shelter
  • 12. Some _____ study animal homes for ideas about solving problems with buildings.
A) architects
B) retreats
C) structures
D) shelter
E) shallow
  • 13. The tortoise digs a _____ hole to keep cool.
A) contain
B) retreats
C) shallow
D) structures
E) shelter
  • 14. A polar bear, however, needs a very different type of _____ .
A) shallow
B) architects
C) shelter
D) contain
E) structures
  • 15. If you come across a spider’s web, be careful because it may _____ an insect.
A) shelter
B) retreats
C) contain
D) shallow
E) structures
  • 16. A turtle _____ into its shell when it senses danger.
A) structures
B) shallow
C) retreats
D) architects
E) shelter
  • 17. A hermit crab finds _____ in an empty shell.
A) shelter
B) contain
C) structures
D) shallow
E) architects
  • 18. It takes a _____ lot of time to build a beaver's home.
A) whole
B) hole
  • 19. Animals use materials they find in the area _____ build their homes.
A) to
B) too
  • 20. Animals with homes underground usually spend the winter _____ .
A) there
B) their
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