Maksat Kadyrbekov: Kyrgyzstan's youngest chess grandmaster
  • 1. Maksat Kadyrbekov is a talented young chess player from Kyrgyzstan who has achieved the prestigious title of grandmaster at a very young age. His exceptional skills and strategic thinking have earned him recognition in the international chess community. Maksat's dedication to the game and hard work have been instrumental in his success, making him a role model for aspiring chess players in Kyrgyzstan and beyond. With his impressive performance and achievements, Maksat Kadyrbekov continues to inspire and motivate chess enthusiasts around the world.

    In which country is Maksat Kadyrbekov from?
A) Uzbekistan
B) Kazakhstan
C) Kyrgyzstan
D) Tajikistan
  • 2. What does achieving a grandmaster title in chess signify?
A) Being good at checkers
B) Expertise in computer programming
C) Being a strong swimmer
D) High level of skill and expertise in chess
  • 3. What type of game is chess?
A) Strategy game
B) Card game
C) Dice game
D) Video game
  • 4. How many pieces does each player start with in a standard chess game?
A) 12
B) 16
C) 20
D) 24
  • 5. Which piece can make an 'L' shaped move in chess?
A) Pawn
B) Bishop
C) Knight
D) Rook
  • 6. How many squares are on a standard chessboard?
A) 56
B) 72
C) 64
D) 80
  • 7. In chess, which piece has the most freedom of movement?
A) Pawn
B) Queen
C) Knight
D) King
  • 8. What is the goal of chess?
A) Reach the opponent's back rank
B) Checkmate the opponent's king
C) Advance a pawn to the other side
D) Capture all opponent's pieces
  • 9. What is the name of the move where the king and rook move simultaneously?
A) Promotion
B) En passant
C) Stalemate
D) Castling
  • 10. What is the smallest number of moves possible to checkmate a king?
A) Three
B) One
C) Four
D) Two
  • 11. What is the term for when the opponent's king is threatened and has no legal moves to escape the threat?
A) En passant
B) Stalemate
C) Checkmate
D) Check
  • 12. What is the term for a game state where the player whose turn it is has no legal move and the king is not in check?
A) Stalemate
B) Check
C) Checkmate
D) Castling
  • 13. What is the name for a move in which a pawn captures an opponent's pawn while bypassing the double-square move?
A) Castling
B) En passant
C) Promotion
D) Checkmate
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