Arcade Fire
  • 1. Which city is Arcade Fire originally from?
A) Vancouver
B) Montreal
C) Toronto
D) New York
  • 2. Which year did Arcade Fire release their debut album 'Funeral'?
A) 2002
B) 2006
C) 2008
D) 2004
  • 3. Who is the lead vocalist of Arcade Fire?
A) Regine Chassagne
B) Richard Reed Parry
C) Win Butler
D) RĂ©gine Chassagne
  • 4. Which album by Arcade Fire won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2011?
A) Funeral
B) The Suburbs
C) Reflektor
D) Everything Now
  • 5. What is the title of Arcade Fire's fourth studio album released in 2013?
A) The Suburbs
B) Neon Bible
C) Everything Now
D) Reflektor
  • 6. In which year did Arcade Fire headline the Glastonbury Festival for the first time?
A) 2014
B) 2018
C) 2007
D) 2010
  • 7. Which director collaborated with Arcade Fire on their interactive music video 'Reflektor'?
A) Michel Gondry
B) Vincent Morisset
C) Lance Bangs
D) Spike Jonze
  • 8. What is the name of Arcade Fire's multi-instrumentalist member who plays the violin and viola?
A) Jeremy Gara
B) Sarah Neufeld
C) Tim Kingsbury
D) Owen Pallett
  • 9. Which music festival did Arcade Fire headline in 2011 alongside The Strokes and Kanye West?
A) Coachella
B) Lollapalooza
C) Bonnaroo
D) Reading and Leeds
  • 10. What is the title of Arcade Fire's fifth studio album released in 2017?
A) Everything Now
B) The Suburbs
C) Reflektor
D) Neon Bible
  • 11. Which member of Arcade Fire plays the mandolin and accordion?
A) Sarah Neufeld
B) Jeremy Gara
C) Tim Kingsbury
D) Richard Reed Parry
  • 12. What is the title of Arcade Fire's sixth studio album released in 2022?
A) Excursions
B) We Don't Deserve Love
C) Electric Blue
  • 13. Which member of Arcade Fire is Win Butler's younger brother and plays the synthesizer and bass guitar?
A) Richard Reed Parry
B) Jeremy Gara
C) Sarah Neufeld
D) Will Butler
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