Spanish knight El Cid takes Valencia from Moors
  • 1. Which group did El Cid take Valencia from?
A) Vikings
B) Romans
C) Moors
D) Aztecs
  • 2. What is the title 'El Cid' roughly translated to in English?
A) The Champion
B) The Warrior
C) The Lord
D) The King
  • 3. What was El Cid's real name?
A) Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar
B) Lancelot du Lac
C) Hernán Cortés
D) Christopher Columbus
  • 4. Where was El Cid born?
A) Paris, France
B) Vivar, Spain
C) London, England
D) Florence, Italy
  • 5. 'El Cid' is often considered a national hero of which country?
A) Spain
B) Greece
C) Russia
D) Germany
  • 6. In which century did El Cid live?
A) 16th century
B) 14th century
C) 19th century
D) 11th century
  • 7. Which literary work by an author of the Spanish Golden Age features El Cid as a character?
A) Cantar de Mio Cid
B) Don Quixote by Cervantes
C) La Celestina by de Rojas
D) La Regenta by Leopoldo Alas
  • 8. How did El Cid die?
A) During a duel
B) Assassination
C) Natural causes
D) In battle
  • 9. Which city did El Cid capture from the Moors?
A) Seville
B) Granada
C) Cordoba
D) Valencia
  • 10. What title was El Cid given by the Christian Kingdom he served?
A) Marquess
B) Campeador
C) Conquistador
D) Adelantado
  • 11. El Cid was exiled from his home city of:
A) Burgos
B) Valencia
C) Toledo
D) Seville
  • 12. In the battles against the Moors, El Cid was allied with which Christian kingdom?
A) Aragon
B) Navarre
C) Castile
D) Leon
  • 13. El Cid's wife was named:
A) Beatriz
B) Jimena
C) Isabella
D) Catalina
  • 14. Prior to capturing Valencia, El Cid served the Muslim ruler of:
A) Granada
B) Seville
C) Cordoba
D) Zaragoza
  • 15. El Cid's famous horse was named:
A) Tornado
B) Babieca
C) Black Beauty
D) Rocinante
  • 16. El Cid died in the year:
A) 1138
B) 1066
C) 1187
D) 1099
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