Week 2- Vocabulary Words
__1. anxiousA. caused by the heat of the sun
__2. attitudeB. caused by heavy snow
__3. avalancheC. a plan for success
__4. calorieD. a strong opinion
__5. circumstancesE. a math quality
__6. dramaticF. really loud and rude
__7. evaporateG. to move schools
__8. halvesH. surrounding details
__9. strategyI. opposite of relaxed
__10. transferJ. a food quality
__11. anemometerA. rule by the rich
__12. awlB. party invitations
__13. bibliolatryC. a sharp object
__14. capitolD. in a certain spot
__15. epigraphE. wind pressure
__16. plutocracyF. written in stone
__17. principalG. a literal view of the bible
__18. principleH. justice and rights
__19. stationaryI. school leader
__20. stationeryJ. a serious crime
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