Malvern, Worcestershire
  • 1. What county is Malvern located in?
A) Worcestershire
B) Gloucestershire
C) Shropshire
D) Herefordshire
  • 2. Which famous composer is associated with Malvern?
A) Edward Elgar
B) Ludwig van Beethoven
C) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
D) Johann Sebastian Bach
  • 3. What is the name of the spring water source located in Malvern?
A) Holy Well
B) AquaMax Spring
C) Clear Waters Source
D) Lido Spa
  • 4. Malvern is known for its connection to which ancient British legend?
A) Guinevere
B) Robin Hood
C) Merlin
D) King Arthur
  • 5. In what century did Malvern Priory, a medieval church, begin construction?
A) 15th Century
B) 13th Century
C) 17th Century
D) 11th Century
  • 6. Which literary figure is associated with Malvern?
A) Jane Austen
B) William Shakespeare
C) C.S. Lewis
D) Charles Dickens
  • 7. What is the name of the local theatre in Malvern?
A) Broadway Theatre
B) Malvern Theatres
C) Sydney Opera House
D) West End Theatre
  • 8. Which of these is a famous walking trail near Malvern?
A) Pacific Crest Trail
B) Malvern Hills Trail
C) Appalachian Trail
D) Inca Trail
  • 9. Malvern is close to which historic city?
A) London
B) Paris
C) New York
D) Worcester
  • 10. What is the name of the local museum in Malvern?
A) Smithsonian Institution
B) British Museum
C) Malvern Museum
D) Louvre Museum
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