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This scatter-plot
has which type of
a correlation?
 the price of a pizza and the number of
 toppings added
the height of a candle and the amount
 of time its stays lit
 the temperature of a cup of hot chocolate and
 the length of time it sits
the amount of rainfall on Fridays
Which of the following best represents a positivecorrelation?

Simplfy the inequality


          x - 2 > 5

 14 inches
 16 inches 
 20 inches
 26 inches
Based on the scatter-plot, about how high would 
someone 18 years old be able to jump?

Simplify the inequality

          -3x > 18

What is the range of the following data set:



R: (4,11,18,25)

R: (1,2,3,4)

R: 1≤x≤4

R: 4≤y≤25

Madison must run more than  9 minutes to qualify 

for the race. Which inequality

best represents this?

 m ≤ 9

 9 < m

 m ≥ 9

 9 > m

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