Prueba Diagnóstica Inglés
  • 1. To express advice we use:
A) can
B) could
C) must
D) might
E) should
  • 2. To express obligation we use:
A) might
B) should
C) could
D) can
E) must
  • 3. This is a regular verb:
A) do
B) work
C) be
D) go
E) sing
  • 4. This is an irregular verb:
A) walk
B) work
C) go
D) play
E) listen
  • 5. To have a healthy life we need:
A) a balanced diet
B) study all night
C) exercise all the days
D) relax at home
E) sleep all the day
  • 6. The comparative of good is:
A) goodest
B) the better
C) better
D) gooder
E) more good
  • 7. The superlative of bad is:
A) the baddest
B) the worse
C) the worst
D) the badder
E) worse
  • 8. To talk about future plans, we use
A) will
B) will be
C) be going
D) going to
E) are going to be
  • 9. The sentence: "She has worked all her life" is in:
A) past perfect
B) present perfect
C) past
D) progressive
E) present
  • 10. The words " listen, pay, do, write, learn" are:
A) adjectives
B) prepositions
C) verbs
D) nouns
E) adverbs
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