Ferruccio Busoni
  • 1. When was Ferruccio Busoni born?
A) 1850
B) 1900
C) 1875
D) 1866
  • 2. In which country was Ferruccio Busoni born?
A) Germany
B) France
C) Italy
D) Austria
  • 3. What instrument did Busoni primarily play?
A) Cello
B) Piano
C) Flute
D) Violin
  • 4. In what musical period is Busoni best known for his compositions?
A) Romantic
B) Baroque
C) Modern
D) Classical
  • 5. Busoni was also known for his work as a conductor. In which city did he conduct the Philharmonic Orchestra?
A) London
B) Paris
C) Berlin
D) Vienna
  • 6. What nationality was Busoni's mother?
A) Austrian
B) Italian
C) German
D) French
  • 7. What is the title of Busoni's only completed opera featuring the story of Dr. Faust?
A) Carmen
B) La Bohème
C) Doktor Faust
D) The Magic Flute
  • 8. Which Busoni composition is known for its complexity and virtuosic demands on the pianist?
A) Piano Sonatina
B) Fantasia Contrappuntistica
C) Indian Fantasy
D) Elegies
  • 9. During which year did Busoni pass away?
A) 1935
B) 1945
C) 1910
D) 1924
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