Francisco Pizarro
  • 1. Where was Francisco Pizarro born?
A) Spain
B) Peru
C) Mexico
D) Portugal
  • 2. Who was the leader of the Inca Empire when Pizarro led the conquest?
A) Huayna Capac
B) Montezuma
C) Atahualpa
D) Pachacuti
  • 3. How did Francisco Pizarro die?
A) Captured and executed
B) Natural causes
C) Died in battle
D) Assassinated
  • 4. Which Spanish monarch supported Pizarro's conquests in the New World?
A) Ferdinand II
B) Isabella I
C) Charles V
D) Philip II
  • 5. What was the capital of the Inca Empire at the time of Pizarro's conquest?
A) Machu Picchu
B) Quito
C) Lima
D) Cuzco
  • 6. After the conquest of the Inca Empire, which city did Pizarro establish as the capital of Spanish Peru?
A) Cuzco
B) Madrid
C) Seville
D) Lima
  • 7. Who was Francisco Pizarro's main rival during the Spanish conquest of South America?
A) Diego de Almagro
B) Francisco de Orellana
C) Hernán Cortés
D) Pedro de Alvarado
  • 8. Which indigenous language did Francisco Pizarro and his men use to communicate with the Inca people?
A) Guarani
B) Quechua
C) Nahuatl
D) Aymara
  • 9. Which Spanish conquistador accompanied Pizarro on the expedition that led to the conquest of the Inca Empire?
A) Ponce de León
B) Gonzalo Pizarro
C) Hernando de Soto
D) Francisco de Coronado
  • 10. What was the name of the Inca ruler who preceded Atahualpa?
A) Manco Inca
B) Pachacuti
C) Túpac Amaru
D) Huayna Capac
  • 11. In what year did Francisco Pizarro found the city of Lima?
A) 1535
B) 1571
C) 1616
D) 1492
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