Quiz 12 (Seismic Waves & Earthquakes)
  • 1. Primary (P) Seismic Waves can pass through ____________________________.
A) solids, gases, and liquids
B) gases only
C) solids only
D) liquids only
E) crust and core only
  • 2. Secondary (S) Seismic Waves can pass through ____________________________.
A) solids, gases, and liquids
B) solids only
C) liquids only
D) gases only
E) crust and core only
  • 3. Love (L) Seismic Waves can pass through ____________________________.
A) the tsunamis only
B) the mantle only
C) the surface only
D) the core only
E) earthquakes only
  • 4. There are 3 types of seismic waves: _____, _____, and _____.
A) Q, S, and R
B) P, S, and L
C) P, L, and X
D) P, L, and C
E) A, B, and C
  • 5. Of the 3 seismic waves, the _____-Waves are the fastest.
A) S
B) R
C) L
D) Q
E) P
  • 6. Of the 3 seismic waves, the _____-Waves are the slowest.
A) S
B) P
C) R
D) L
E) Q
  • 7. P-Waves are also said to be ____________-____________ waves.
A) north-south
B) push-pull
C) up-down
D) east-west
E) side-side
  • 8. Of the 3 seismic waves, the _____-Waves are said to the most damaging to humans.
A) Q
B) R
C) L
D) S
E) P
  • 9. To find the epicenter of an earthquake, at least _____ seismic stations are needed.
A) 3
B) 4
C) 1
D) 2
E) 5
  • 10. The closest seismic station to the epicenter of an earthquake will record P-Waves ___________________.
A) second
B) third
C) fifth
D) fourth
E) first
  • 11. Analyzing a seismogram of a recent minor earthquake in Sumatra, a junior seismologist at the ALT Station for Seismic Studies notices that P-Waves were first recorded at 12:05. She then notices that S-waves arrived at 12:12. What was the S-P interval?
A) 7 seconds
B) 1 hour
C) 5 minutes
D) 5 second
E) 7 minutes
  • 12. Earthquakes are measured using the ______________________________ Scale.
A) Richter
B) Temblor
C) Earthquake
D) Chile
E) Seismic
  • 13. "The 2005 Earthquake in northern Pakistan had a moment magnitude of ___________, and it killed more than 75,000 people, and left about 3 million homeless."
A) 6.7
B) 7.6
C) 7.0
D) 9.6
E) 9.2
  • 14. For an earthquake to be considered capable of causing a "great deal of damage," it must be _____________________.
A) < 9.0
B) > 9.0
C) = 7.0
D) < 7.0
E) > 7.0
  • 15. A tsunami forms when the epicenter of an earthquake is on the _____________________ floor.
A) desert
B) volcanic
C) convergent
D) oceanic
E) crusty
  • 16. Lasers are sometimes used to detect movements along faults. LASER is an acronym for: ____________________________________.
A) Local Altercation by Super Emission of Radiation
B) Lunar Amplification by Simplified Emission of Radiation
C) Lunar Amplification by Simplistic Emission of Radiation
D) Light Altercation by Stenographic Emission of Radiation
E) Light Amplification by Simplified Emission of Radiation
  • 17. You are given the following magnitude scale numbers out of sequence: 4.2, 7.3, 8.9, 2.3, and 5.0. You are asked to sequence them in order from highest to lowest magnitude. The new sequence would be:
A) 7.3, 5.0, 4.2, 2.3, and 8.9
B) 8.9, 5.0, 7.3, 4.2, and 2.3
C) 2.3, 4.2, 5.0, 7.3, and 8.9
D) 2.3, 4.2, 7.3, 5.0, and 8.9
E) 8.9, 7.3, 5.0, 4.2, and 2.3
  • 18. The percent chance that an earthquake takes place in NYC is
A) 60%
B) 77%
C) 66 %
D) 99 %
E) 33 %
  • 19. The Ring of Fire is located...
A) around the Atlantic Plate
B) around the Aztec Plate
C) around the Pacific Plate
D) around the Convergent zone
E) around the San Andreas' Fault
  • 20. The percent chance than an earthquake takes place in NYS is
A) 77%
B) 99%
C) 66%
D) 33%
E) 50%
  • 21. Some states of the US are said to be IN the Ring of Fire due to their active seismic activity. These known 4 US States are
A) Hawaii, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas
B) Alaska, California, Oregon, and Mexico
C) New York, Florida, Texas, and Michigan
D) California, New York, Washington, and Puerto Rico
E) California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska
  • 22. What feature in California is responsible for its earthquakes?
A) Circum-Pacific Ridge
B) Mid-Atlantic Ridge
C) San Andrea's Fault
D) Asiatic-Melanesian Belt
E) Ring of Fire
  • 23. The Hawaiian Islands are in the Ring of Fire. The Hawaiian Islands were formed by
A) active mantle, result of radioactive crust
B) active subduction zone, result of a divergent boundary
C) active mountains, result of the Aztec plate
D) active calderas, result of a subduction zone
E) active volcanoes, result of a hot spot
  • 24. How do you think living along the Ring of Fire affects people on the western coast of the United States?
A) These people must be afraid of earthquakes.
B) These people must not be too smart. Who would live on a fault zone?!
C) These people must be excited they live in a volcanic zone.
D) These people must be happy they do not live in NYC.
E) These people must hate NYC and thus, choose to live in California.
  • 25. Iceland is a _____________________________________________ located along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
A) large underwater volcano
B) tsunami
C) mountain
D) seismic wave
E) hot spot
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Answer Key
1.A   2.B   3.C   4.B   5.E   6.D   7.B   8.C   9.A   10.E   11.E   12.A   13.B   14.E   15.D   16.E   17.E   18.E   19.C   20.C   21.E   22.C   23.E   24.A   25.E  
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