AP Unit 2 Vocabulary
__1. AccessorA. A value sent to a method when it is invoked.
__2. Actual ParameterB. The actions that can be performed on or by an object.
__3. BehaviorC. A method that initializes an object
__4. ConstructorD. A message that can be sent to an object to access its state.
__5. EncapsulationE. The combination of data and behavior in one software package
__6. Formal ParameterF. A parameter listed in a method's definition.
__7. Helper MethodG. Uniqueness that distinguishes between objects.
__8. IdentityH. The process of creating a new object
__9. InstantiationI. A method that performs a small task used by other methods
__10. LifetimeJ. The period for which a variable can be used.
__11. castingA. A message that can sent to an object to alter its state
__12. control statementsB. Where in a program a variable is valid in code.
__13. Extended if StatementC. an objects state defined by the value of its instance variab
__14. Logical operatorD. Defines how a variable, method or class can be accessed
__15. MutatorE. statements which test conditions, while, if, if/else
__16. Nested if statementF. a technique that allows one data type to be converted
__17. Nested loopG. If-else used to test a condition against various thresholds
__18. ScopeH. An IF that appears within another IF
__19. StateI. AND, OR, NOT, used to combine boolean expressions
__20. Visibility modifierJ. A loop that appears within another loop
__21. !A. An item whose value can change during program execution
__22. ||B. A sequence of characters
__23. &&C. primitive type only two possible states true or false
__24. booleanD. And logical operator (both operands must be true for true)
__25. boundary conditionsE. Java process which removes unreferenced objects
__26. ConcatenationF. the conditions on or near boundaries of equivalence cases
__27. Default ConstructorG. constructor method of a class that has an empty paramenters
__28. garbage collectionH. Not logical operator(negates the operand or result)
__29. StringsI. Or logical operator (one operand must be true for true)
__30. variableJ. ability to combine strings & other types in output ('+")
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