Charlemagne multichoice
  • 1. Charlemagne was the granson of
A) Charles Martel
B) Pippin the Short
C) Louis the Pious
  • 2. Charlemagne's grandfather fought against the Muslims and won in the battle of ....
A) Poitiers
B) Las Navas
C) Tolosa
  • 3. Charlemagne's father was called ....
A) Charles Martel
B) Pippin the Short
C) Louis the Pious
  • 4. Charlemagne was rather special because he was ...
A) Both reason
B) He couldn't read well or write
C) Very tall
  • 5. Charlemagne made his capital city in ...
A) Aachen
B) Franks
C) Germany
  • 6. Charlemagne's capital was a great place because it was well communicated because it was on the river ..
A) Rhone
B) Ebro
C) Rhine
  • 7. Charlemagne had a lot of children but most died ot were born out of marriage, the only child left was ...
A) Charles Martel
B) Louis the German
C) Louis the Pious
  • 8. Charlemagne divide his Empire into ...
A) Marches and counties
B) Earldoms and counties
C) Earldoms and cities
  • 9. Missi domini were Charlemagne's ....
A) postmen
B) Spies
C) workers
  • 10. The pope who crowned Charlemagne was called ...
A) The Lombard's Pope
B) Leo III
C) Louis III
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