• 1. Who proposed the theory of Information Age?
A) Richard Wurman
B) Lev Vygotsky
C) James R. Messenger
  • 2. These are huge computer that can fill an entire room.
A) Laptops
B) Personal Computer
C) Mainframes
  • 3. It is a portable computer that integrate the essentials of a desktop computer in a battery-power-pakaged.
A) Laptops
B) Server
C) Personal digital assistants
  • 4. It is the application of information technology to store, organize and analyze vast ammount of biological data.
A) Bioinformatics
B) Information Age
C) Computers
  • 5. He is an American Mathematician who was considered as the "father of Information Age Theory"
A) James R. Messenger
B) Claude E. Shannon
C) Richard Wurman
  • 6. In what year that tortoise shell and oracle bone writing were used.
A) 2900 BC
B) 1957
C) 1300 BC
  • 7. It is a single user instrument.
A) Laptops
B) Personal computer
C) Server
  • 8. It refers to a computer that has been improved to provide network services to other computers.
A) Server
B) Desktop computer
C) Mainframes
  • 9. It is an electronic device that will be set up in the permanent spot.
A) Desktop computer
B) Laptops
C) Server
  • 10. It is an electronic device that that stores and processes data (information)
A) Computers
B) Laptops
C) Wearable computers
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