The Real Thief
  • 1. What type of animal is Gawain?
A) Goose
B) Lion
C) Sea Gull
D) Parrott
  • 2. Why was Gawain chosen to be the Chief Guard?
A) He had upright and trustworthy character
B) He was the only one who applied for the job
C) He won a contest.
D) He is a great fighter
  • 3. What did not get stolen from the treasury?
A) gold
B) silver ornaments
C) money
D) The Kalikak Diamond
  • 4. What does "Quod Erat demonstrandum" mean?
A) that which is to be proved
B) don't cross this line or die
C) the lion is the greatest king of all
D) innocent until proven guilty
  • 5. What did they find at Gawain's property?
A) illegal weapons
B) a disguise
C) nothing out of the ordinary
D) stolen items
  • 6. Why didn't Gawain get a lawyer?
A) He didn't know one.
B) The king told him he didn't need one.
C) He didn't have enough money to pay for one.
D) He thought he was innocent so he didn't think he needed one.
  • 7. Towards the end of the trial, what did Gawain's friends think?
A) That he was guilty.
B) That the king was guilty.
C) That he was innocent.
D) That Derek was guilty.
  • 8. How did Gawain feel at the end of the trial.
A) He got really angry and began fighting with the guards.
B) He missed his family.
C) He was filled with hatred.
D) He didn't really care because he knew he was innocent.
  • 9. How did Derek get into the treasure house?
A) He dug underground and through the floor.
B) He made a hole in the ceiling.
C) He snuck through the front door when the guards were asleep.
D) He snuck through a crack between two stones.
  • 10. What does the sentence on page 33 mean when it says that he was "overcome with sickening envy".
A) That Gawain was hungry.
B) That Gawain was full of laughter.
C) That Gawain was very jealous.
D) That Gawain was furious.
  • 11. Why didn't Derek giving back the treasure make everyone happy?
A) Because that meant that the king was the thief.
B) Because they knew that they had wrongly thought that Gawain was guilty.
C) Because that meant they wouldn't inherit Gawain's things.
D) Because they actually disliked Gawain and wanted him imprisoned.
  • 12. On the top of page 53, in the sentence, "he tied rushes to his webbed feet and walked about obliterating the imprints he had made," what does "obliterating" mean?
A) washing
B) erasing
C) eating
D) decorating
  • 13. While in the cave, why would Gawain wake up in the middle of the night with tears in his eyes?
A) Because he was scared.
B) Because he knew he was honest, but other people thought he had robbed and lied.
C) Because he was hungry.
D) Because he missed his family.
  • 14. What statement that the king made was stuck in Gawain's mind?
A) "You are a disgrace to this kingdom"
B) "Kill him!"
C) "Gawain will never be allowed in this city again!"
D) "I want a Big Mac"
  • 15. What was one thing Derek and Gawain shared.
A) They both liked swimming on hot summer days.
B) They both were really good dressers.
C) They both wanted to have an honest conversation about the robbery with someon.
D) They both hated the king.
  • 16. What ISN't a reason that Gawain didn't want Derek to tell others that he was the real thief?
A) Gawain was happy Derek found him and did not want Derek punished.
B) Gawain wanted his friends to be forever curious about who the real thief was.
C) Gawain thought Derek had already suffered enough.
D) Gawain wanted to rob the treasury again.
  • 17. When Derek first started stealing, why didn't he think of himself as a criminal?
A) Because someone had given Derek a note threatening to kill him unless he stole from the king.
B) Because he thought criminals were only people who hurt others.
C) Because he thought the king had so much treasure that he would want Derek to have some.
D) Because he was raised by a family of murderers and they taught him that there weren't any criminals.
  • 18. What job did Gawain get in the end of the story?
A) an architect
B) a baseball player
C) a detective
D) a general in the army
  • 19. On page 34, in the last paragraph, it says, "he felt somehow more like a mouse of consequence." What does that mean?
A) He now felt important because he had nice things.
B) That Derek had a lot more friends now that he had a nice place to live.
C) He felt happy that Gawain was found guilty.
D) He felt he needed to be punished.
  • 20. In the middle of the book, once Derek heard that Gawain was going to trial for robbing the king, how did Derek feel about his house?
A) That he needed to steal more stuff so his house would be even more beautiful.
B) That although he had the nice things in his house, it no longer was such a beautiful place to be.
C) That his house was growing.
D) That he needed to clean out his house and have a garage sale.
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