Past Tense
  • 1. Yesterday I <goed> to the shops with my mum.
A) will go
B) went
C) was going
D) walk
  • 2. I <look> at the moon rise last night.
A) looking
B) seen
C) sawed
D) looked
  • 3. My friends and I <racing> to the shops.
A) runned
B) will race
C) raced
D) raceded
  • 4. The dogs <was> in a fight.
A) growled
B) versed
C) were
D) having
  • 5. They <landing> on the moon in 1969.
A) land
B) flied
C) landed
D) goed to
  • 6. I <eat> sausages for dinner.
A) ated
B) cook
C) having
D) ate
  • 7. My pet cat <has> three kittens.
A) making
B) will have
C) had
D) have
  • 8. The cows <go> moo.
A) went
B) going
C) was
D) goed
  • 9. <Do> you see the boys run past this morning?
A) Can
B) Done
C) Was
D) Did
  • 10. Did we <played> Tregear in touch last week?
A) play
B) verse
C) playing
D) versing
  • 11. Mary <jumping> on the trampoline.
A) playing
B) jumper
C) jumped
D) jumps
  • 12. I <see> the ghost.
A) scare
B) seen
C) seed
D) saw
  • 13. The smell from the dump <is> disquisting.
A) was
B) reeks
C) can be
D) is sometimes
  • 14. My pet dog <eated> my homework.
A) eats
B) licks
C) ate
D) eating
  • 15. The tree <crashing> loudly when it fell in the wind last night.
A) crash
B) crashed
C) went smash
D) is crashing
  • 16. Ten kangaroos <hop> past the school last month.
A) are hopping
B) hopped
C) can hop
D) do hop
  • 17. The cars <crashing> into the fence but noone was hurt.
A) will crash
B) crashed
C) smash
D) run
  • 18. My heart <skip> a beat when I heard the bang!
A) skipping
B) miss
C) skipped
D) skips
  • 19. I <running> to the shops because mum wanted milk.
A) ran
B) ranned
C) runned
D) run
  • 20. Steve, <do> you eat the apple?
A) did
B) does
C) why don't
D) can
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