JS 3 CCA 3rdTest
  • 1. Rural communities problems are all except
A) Poverty
B) Illiteracy
C) Presence of modern amenities
D) Worst power supply
  • 2. Drama teaches all except
A) Tolerance
B) Selfishness
C) Hard work
D) Honesty
  • 3. _ is an act of combining sound in a manner that is agreeable to our hearing
A) Sound
B) Music
C) Noise
D) Dance
  • 4. Music is used to _
A) Shout
B) Disturb
C) Advertise
D) Play
  • 5. Prof Akinola Lasekan was born in _ and died in _
A) 1916,1972
B) 1920,1979
C) 1920,1972
D) 1916,1979
  • 6. Prof Akintola Lakeland is a native of _
A) Oree, Osun state
B) Badagri, Lagos state
C) Owo, Ondo state
D) Igboora, Oyo state
  • 7. Chief Ara Onabolu was a _
A) Cartoonist
B) Sculptor
C) Painter
D) Carver
  • 8. One of this is not a Nigerian contemporary artist
A) Uche Okeke
B) Grillo Yusuf
C) Laminitis Fakeye
D) Ben Anyawu
  • 9. Prof Wole Soyinka is a _
A) Cartoonist
B) Playwright
C) Politician
D) Comedian
  • 10. _ is the public display of visual creature artwork
A) Advertising
B) Exhibition
C) Communication
D) Creativity
  • 11. Mounting means _
A) Adding title to an artwork
B) Placing the artwork under a white paper
C) Fixing a picture, painting and drawing to a larger piece of stiff paper
D) Placing a transparent glass on artwork
  • 12. _ is a stand on which all exhibits are hung for display
A) Stand board
B) Black board
C) Show glass
D) Cupboard
  • 13. Artwork can be marketed in all except
A) Airport
B) Mosque
C) Shops
D) Festive fairs
  • 14. In categorizing artwork, all works for exhibition must
A) Look alike
B) Be arranged in accordance with individual aspects
C) Be put on one another
D) Be covered with metal materials
  • 15. Materials used for embroidery include all except
A) Fabric
B) Scissors
C) Needle
D) Starch
  • 16. Which one of these is not an impact of music?
A) Building relationships
B) Creating public awareness through mass media
C) Moulding and marring one’s life
D) Creating disunity in the country
  • 17. Which of these is not a function of music
A) Adding life to an occasion
B) Celebrating cultural festivals
C) Killing one’s idea
D) For religious worship
  • 18. _ is a skilled drama personnel who creatively writes plays
A) Poet
B) Playwright
C) Journalist
D) Novelist
  • 19. _ is a process of cultural colored or white paper into a window format and placing the artwork on it for better display
A) Framing
B) Fixing
C) Labeling
D) Mounting
  • 20. The process of sticking a piece of paper with details about the artwork and preparing for display is _
A) Labeling
B) Framing
C) Fixing
D) Mounting
  • 21. _ is an art form that tells a story through speeches and actions of the characters in the story
A) Theatre
B) Music
C) Dance
D) Drama
  • 22. Uses of embroidery are all except
A) To make logos
B) To create decorative designs
C) To damage a fabric
D) To write names
  • 23. Basic techniques of hand embroidery are all except
A) Running stitch
B) Split stitch
C) Falling stitch
D) Cross stitch
  • 24. Embroidery is made with _
A) Hands
B) Legs
C) Robot
  • 25. _ can be referred to as the reading and performing of a piece of music or song in music notation that the performer has not seen before
A) Choreography
B) Singing
C) Rehearsal
D) Sight reading
  • 26. One of the following is not a Nigerian contemporary artist
A) Ladi Kwali
B) Shola Allyson
C) Jimoh Akoto
D) Uche Okeke
  • 27. NOK culture was discovered in
A) Oyo
B) Kaduna
C) Anambra
D) Alaba
  • 28. NOK scriptural pieces are in _
A) Gold
B) Silver
C) Terracotta
D) Limestone
  • 29. The Nigerian art are all except
A) Benin Art
B) Owo art
C) Argungu art
D) Tsoede art
  • 30. The following words describe art except
A) As a lazy man job or work
B) For cultural refinement
C) As self expression
D) As craft and folk tradition
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