5th SW Warm Up 2 (2014)
1.From the video, the massive underwater earthquake in Japan produced a_______________ . It was even moredestructive than the earthquake!

2.The massive continent size slabs of crust which grindand move against each other are called:
Crusty crab slabs
Techtonic plates
Titanium plates of rock
3.   True or FalseParts of a tsunami can travel very fast, almost as fast as an airplane!
4.Japan has developed the technology in building construction to withstand earthquakes, so that buildingswill not collapse.  Major destruction occurs howeverwhen they are hit with a _____________.  It's not just the water that's deadly, but all the ___________, or objectsit sweeps away with it.
Hurricane, water
Tornado, wind
Waterfall, rain
Tsunami, debris
5.Techtonic plates move in 3 ways, or directions.  They are:
Up, down, and in circles
Together, apart, and past each other
diagonal, down, up
Fast, slow, or not at all
The movement of tectonic plates can produce:
flooding, drought, and storms
earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis
hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards
volcanoes, lava pools, eruptions
7.Scientists have a  theory that at one time all the continents were together in one large landmass.  This landmass is called: 
The Super Continent
Jurassic continent
Super Size Plates
8.The theory that the continents may have moved overmillions of years to the places they are now is called: 
Super movement
Drift wood
Continental Drift
The long trip
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