SS Constitution pg 42 -47 2.0
Social Studies quiz for book pages 42 -47
You may use your book to answer
the questions in this quiz.
The Constitution
Make sure you use your book if you need help
            answering the
A Plan for Government
What does the Constitution  do?
tells why people should not have rights
describes why we should not be free
tell why we broke away from England
describes how the US government works
Use page 42 of your SS book to help
Type yes next to the ones that
are branches of the government. 
Type no next to the ones that are
not branches of our government.
Page 43.

Branches of Government
legislative branch
executive branch
war branch
peoples branch
judicial branch
leaders branch
Use page 43.
Type the beginning letter
to show which branch
fits the word or phrase.
President is head of this branch
carries out laws
House of  Representatives
decides meanings of laws
Supreme Court
can raise money through taxes
e for executive
l for legislative
j for judicial
make laws
The Supreme Court declaring the President's actions
unconstitution is an example of ?
Limits on Government
government corruption
Constitution crossing
checks and balances
political fighting
pg 44
The Federal System
collect taxes
run elections
borrow money
set up an army
type n for national government
type s for state government
type b for both goverments
pg 45
pass laws
set up courts
set up schools
issue money
There  is no federal system
 So both national and state
      government have powers
It was an accident
So no government had power
The Federal System
Why did the constitution set up a federal system?
pg 45
What law has more autority when there is a
disagreement between a federal law and
a state law?
The Federal System
State Law
Federal Law
pg 45
Changing the Constitution
An amendment is a change to the constitution. 
The first ten amendments are the bill of rights.
What year was the Bill of  Rights ratified.
type the year
pg 46
Type a lower case x next to the rights protected by
the first amendment (there are five).
The First Amendment
freedom of press
freedom of dance
pg 48-49
freedom of petition
freedom of assembly
freedom of speech
freedom of vote
freedom of religion
Study the Constitution and amendments
to know your rights!
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