diagnostic test (multiple choice)
  • 1. Joe gave (to Rachel / Rachel) a rose.
A) Rachel
B) to Rachel
  • 2. She is (having / having to do) the interview again.
A) having to do
B) having
  • 3. I couldn’t drive because (had / I had) damaged my wrist.
A) had
B) I had
  • 4. He’s not here. He must (be going / have gone) out.
A) have gone
B) be going
  • 5. I (was / am) going to give up smoking, but I couldn’t.
A) am
B) was
  • 6. Research shows that migraines (may have caused / may cause) loss of vision.
A) may have caused
B) may cause
  • 7. The company (might be / might) closed down.
A) might be
B) might
  • 8. Karl has just (been seen / be seen) by a psychotherapist.
A) be seen
B) been seen
  • 9. A newspaper article was written (to / about) my son.
A) to
B) about
  • 10. The air pollution was caused (by / from) the traffic.
A) from
B) by
  • 11. She has two daughters and they (both/ all) do ballet.
A) both
B) all
  • 12. (No / Not any) fishing is allowed on this river.
A) Not any
B) No
  • 13. I don’t like (either/ neither) of these photos.
A) neither
B) either
  • 14. I’ve been trying to eat (less/ fewer) chocolate bars.
A) fewer
B) less
  • 15. We need to give more opportunities to (unemployed / the unemployed).
A) unemployed
B) the unemployed
  • 16. I saw a documentary that was absolutely (fascinating/ fascinated).
A) fascinating
B) fascinated
  • 17. My son was born (on/ at) Christmas day.
A) on
B) at
  • 18. I’ll have finished my talk (until / by) five.
A) by
B) until
  • 19. Only people (above/ over) 18 can purchase alcohol.
A) above
B) over
  • 20. (Having/ To have) passed his driving test, Marko bought a car.
A) To have
B) Having
  • 21. If I were a bird, (I’d fly/ I’d have flown) around the world.
A) I'd have flown
B) I'd fly
  • 22. If I’d gone to the party, (I’d meet/ I’d have met) your brother.
A) I'd have met
B) I'd meet
  • 23. If I (am/was/were) a politician, I’d have banned hunting.
A) am
B) were
C) was
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