• 1. What is the scientific name for a wolf?
A) Felis catus
B) Canis lupus
C) Ursus arctos
D) Panthera leo
  • 2. What is a group of wolves called?
A) Pod
B) Pack
C) Flock
D) Herd
  • 3. Which of the following senses is most developed in a wolf?
A) Hearing
B) Smell
C) Sight
D) Taste
  • 4. How do wolves communicate with each other over long distances?
A) Roaring
B) Whistling
C) Howling
D) Hissing
  • 5. What do you call the offspring of a wolf and a domestic dog?
A) Wolf-dog hybrid
B) Ferwolf
C) Dowolf
D) Canis lupus familiaris
  • 6. How many teeth does an adult wolf typically have?
A) 42
B) 32
C) 52
D) 22
  • 7. Which country has the most wolves in the wild?
A) Russia
B) Canada
C) United States
D) China
  • 8. What is the average lifespan of a wild wolf?
A) 10-12 years
B) 1-2 years
C) 6-8 years
D) 15-20 years
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