Vasco da Gama
  • 1. When did Vasco da Gama discover a sea route to India?
A) 1520
B) 1512
C) 1498
D) 1505
  • 2. Which country did Vasco da Gama sail for during his expedition to India?
A) France
B) England
C) Portugal
D) Spain
  • 3. What was the name of Vasco da Gama's flagship during his first voyage to India?
A) Victoria
B) São Gabriel
C) Nina
D) Santa Maria
  • 4. Which city in India did Vasco da Gama first reach on his voyage?
A) Calicut
B) Goa
C) Mumbai
D) Chennai
  • 5. Who was the ruler of Calicut when Vasco da Gama arrived?
A) Sultan
B) Zamorin
C) Mughal Emperor
D) Maharaja
  • 6. Which ocean did Vasco da Gama primarily sail through to reach India?
A) Atlantic Ocean
B) Indian Ocean
C) Pacific Ocean
D) Arctic Ocean
  • 7. In what year did Vasco da Gama die?
A) 1535
B) 1547
C) 1524
D) 1512
  • 8. What is the capital city of Portugal?
A) Rome
B) Barcelona
C) Madrid
D) Lisbon
  • 9. Which famous explorer is often credited with inspiring Vasco da Gama to seek a sea route to India?
A) Ferdinand Magellan
B) Hernán Cortés
C) Christopher Columbus
D) James Cook
  • 10. Who was the king of Portugal when Vasco da Gama made his historical voyage?
A) Manuel I
B) Philip II
C) Henry the Navigator
D) John II
  • 11. Which navigation device was critical for Vasco da Gama's successful sea journey to India?
A) Chronometer
B) Sextant
C) Astrolabe
D) Compass
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