Kang Daniel
  • 1. What is Kang Daniel's birthdate?
A) December 10, 1996
B) March 25, 1997
C) September 5, 1995
D) June 15, 1994
  • 2. In which survival show did Kang Daniel gain fame?
A) Mix Nine
B) The Unit
C) Produce 101 Season 2
D) Superstar K
  • 3. Which agency does Kang Daniel belong to?
A) SM Entertainment
B) Konnect Entertainment
C) YG Entertainment
D) JYP Entertainment
  • 4. What is Kang Daniel's nationality?
A) Japanese
B) Chinese
C) South Korean
D) Thai
  • 5. What is the name of Kang Daniel's official fandom?
A) Peaches
B) Danity
C) Danity World
D) Dandelion
  • 6. Which music video did Kang Daniel release first after leaving Wanna One?
A) What Are You Up To
B) Adulthood
C) 2U
D) Touchin'
  • 7. Which member of Wanna One is known for being Kang Daniel's best friend?
A) Lee Dae-hwi
B) Park Ji-hoon
C) Hwang Min-hyun
D) Ong Seong-wu
  • 8. Which country did Kang Daniel visit for his fan meeting tour in 2019?
A) Thailand
B) Vietnam
C) China
D) Japan
  • 9. In which year did Kang Daniel debut as a member of Wanna One?
A) 2016
B) 2017
C) 2018
D) 2015
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