Adventures in Luang Prabang
  • 1. Where is Luang Prabang located?
A) Laos
B) Vietnam
C) Thailand
D) Cambodia
  • 2. Which river flows through Luang Prabang?
A) Amazon River
B) Nile River
C) Mississippi River
D) Mekong River
  • 3. Which of the following is a festival celebrated in Luang Prabang?
A) Oktoberfest
B) Diwali
C) Lao New Year
D) Carnival
  • 4. Which European country had colonial influence in Luang Prabang?
A) France
B) Netherlands
C) Spain
D) Portugal
  • 5. What is the currency used in Luang Prabang?
A) Pound sterling
B) Euro
C) Lao kip
D) Yen
  • 6. What is the traditional garment worn by many people in Luang Prabang?
A) Sari
B) Kilt
C) Sinh
D) Kimono
  • 7. What is a popular souvenir from Luang Prabang?
A) Magnets
B) Handwoven textiles
C) Postcards
D) Plastic keychains
  • 8. What is the traditional music of Laos called?
A) Samba
B) Rumba
C) Reggae
D) Mor lam
  • 9. Which animal is considered sacred in Laos?
A) Elephant
B) Kangaroo
C) Penguin
D) Giraffe
  • 10. In which region of Laos is Luang Prabang located?
A) Eastern
B) Southern
C) Western
D) Northern
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