PS CH 11 Vocabulary (3)
  • 1. A system of objects that are not moving with respect to one another.
A) frame of reference
B) collection
C) solar system
  • 2. Movement in relation to a frame of reference.
A) spontaneous motion
B) relative motion
C) habitual motion
  • 3. The length of a path between two points.
A) distance
B) speed
C) acceleration
  • 4. A quantity that has a direction associated with it.
A) quantum
B) vector
C) scalar
  • 5. The vector sum of two or more vectors.
A) continuos vector
B) resultant vector
  • 6. The ratio of the distance an object moves to the amount of time the object moves.
A) speed
B) displacement
C) acceleration
  • 7. The total distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance.
A) virtual speed
B) average speed
C) instantaneous speed
  • 8. The rate at which an object is moving at a given moment in time.
A) immediate speed
B) spontaneous speed
C) instantaneous speed
  • 9. The speed and direction in which an object is moving , measured relative to a reference point.
A) velocity
B) acceleration
C) displacement
  • 10. the rate at which velocity changes
A) instantaneous speed
B) acceleration
C) momentum
  • 11. The movement of an object toward earth solely because of gravity.
A) free fall
B) wind resistance
C) gravity motion
  • 12. A steady change in velocity.
A) constant acceleration
B) constant speed
C) constant velocity
  • 13. A graph in which the displayed data form a straight line.
A) circle graph
B) nonlinear graph
C) linear graph
  • 14. A graph in which the displayed data form a curved line.
A) nonlinear graph
B) linear graph
C) bar graph
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