Geometry Vocabulary #2
__1. collinearA. made up of 2 or more points that extends in both directions
__2. congruentB. point, line and plane
__3. coplanarC. a location in space that has no size or shape
__4. lineD. a flat surface made up of 3 or more points
__5. line segmentE. having the same measure; equal
__6. midpointF. points lying on the same line
__7. planeG. points lying in the same plane
__8. pointH. a point that divides a segment into two congruent segments
__9. segment bisectorI. part of a line with two end points
__10. undefined termsJ. a segment, ray, line or plane that a segment at its midpoint
__11. acute angleA. division of the circumference of a circle by 360 parts
__12. angleB. has one end point and extends in one direction forever
__13. degreeC. a common endpoint of an angle
__14. exteriorD. share a common vertex and extends in opposite directions
__15. interiorE. angle that measures less than 90 degrees
__16. obtuse angleF. formed by two noncollinear rays and share aa vertex
__17. opposite raysG. angle that measures 90 degrees
__18. rayH. angle that measures less than 180 degrees but more than 90
__19. right angleI. area inside an angle
__20. vertexJ. area outside an angle
__21. angle bisectorA. a ray that divides an angle into two congruent angles
__22. linear anglesB. two adjacent angles that form a straight line
__23. areaA. a convex polygon where all angles and sides are congruent
__24. circumferenceB. the sum of the sides around the polygon
__25. perimeterC. the number of square units to cover a surface
__26. regular polygonD. the distance around the circle
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