4:3 The King in the Kitchen Vocabulary
__1. dukeA. a dark underground room or cell to hold prisoners
__2. dungeonB. nobleman of the highest title, just below a prince
__3. exiledC. with unrestrained energy, speed, etc.
__4. furiouslyD. person having very great natural power of mind
__5. geniusE. high or great by birth, rank, or title
__6. inferiorF. title used in speaking to or of a king, queen, emperor, etc.
__7. majestyG. farmer of the working class in Europe, Asia, etc.
__8. nobleH. food made of oatmeal or other grain boiled in water or milk
__9. peasantI. forced to leave a country or home as a punishment
__10. porridgeJ. not very good, below most others; low in quality
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