History practice Unit one
  • 1. Who divided the Roman Empire into two in 395?
A) Romulus Augustus
B) Honorius
C) Charlemagne
D) Theodosius
  • 2. Where did the Barbarians who attacked the Empire come from?
A) The North
B) The West
C) The North-West
D) N. Africa
E) Germany
  • 3. The Barbarians were able to beat the Romans, why?
A) They wanted land
B) They had better weapons
C) The army was lazy
D) They were very violent
  • 4. In the time of the Germanic kingdoms it became dangerous to travel so what happened?
A) Cities declined
B) Cultural activities declined
C) All of these
D) trade and industries disappeared
E) people moved to the countryside
  • 5. The Visigoths entered the Roman empire to escape from who?
A) The Huns
B) Charlemagne
C) The Franks
D) The Suevi
  • 6. Which Visigoth king became Catholic?
A) Recccared
B) Recastwith
C) Leovigild
D) Roderick
  • 7. Who was the last Visigoth king?
A) Roderick
B) Reccared
C) Leovigild
D) Recastwith
  • 8. Where did the Visigoths have their capital?
A) Toledo
B) Tolosa
C) Teruel
D) Cordoba
  • 9. Which of these people were not thrown out of the Iberian Peninsula by the Visigoths?
A) Vandals
B) Alans
C) Suevi
D) Iberos
  • 10. When did the Muslims enter the Iberian Peninsula?
A) 756
B) 1492
C) 622
D) 476
E) 711
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