Cyrus the Great
  • 1. Who was Cyrus the Great?
A) King of Persia
B) Greek philosopher
C) Roman emperor
D) Egyptian pharaoh
  • 2. In which century did Cyrus the Great live?
A) 10th century BC
B) 6th century BC
C) 3rd century BC
D) 1st century AD
  • 3. What is Cyrus known for?
A) Human rights
B) Establishing first university
C) Conquering entire world
D) Inventing the printing press
  • 4. Which city did Cyrus the Great conquer in 539 BC?
A) Babylon
B) Athens
C) Alexandria
D) Rome
  • 5. Which ancient prophet is said to have predicted Cyrus' conquest of Babylon?
A) Confucius
B) Homer
C) Socrates
D) Isaiah
  • 6. Who succeeded Cyrus the Great as the ruler of Persia?
A) Cambyses II
B) Xerxes I
C) Darius I
D) Artaxerxes I
  • 7. Cyrus the Great is said to have respected the customs and religions of the lands he conquered, demonstrating ____?
A) Intolerance
B) Forced assimilation
C) Tolerance
D) Ethnic cleansing
  • 8. Cyrus' famous declaration concerning the rights of people of different faiths was known as the _____?
A) Edict of Milan
B) Code of Hammurabi
C) Rosetta Stone
D) Cyrus Cylinder
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