Carl Linnaeus
  • 1. What is Carl Linnaeus known as?
A) Inventor of the microscope
B) Father of Taxonomy
C) Discoverer of DNA
D) Founder of quantum physics
  • 2. In what year was Carl Linnaeus born?
A) 1907
B) 1707
C) 1807
D) 1607
  • 3. Where was Carl Linnaeus born?
A) France
B) Germany
C) Sweden
D) England
  • 4. Which system did Linnaeus establish for naming species?
A) Color-based naming
B) Hieroglyphic naming
C) Random naming
D) Binomial nomenclature
  • 5. What is the scientific term for the study of classification?
A) Taxonomy
B) Meteorology
C) Astronomy
D) Geology
  • 6. Which field of science did Linnaeus study?
A) Botany
B) Economics
C) Architecture
D) Nuclear physics
  • 7. What is the highest level of classification in Linnaeus' system of taxonomy?
A) Family
B) Kingdom
C) Species
D) Genus
  • 8. What was the first book that introduced Linnaeus' two-part naming system for organisms?
A) The Lord of the Rings
B) War and Peace
C) Species Plantarum
D) Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  • 9. How did Linnaeus die?
A) Choking on a grape
B) Stroke
C) Struck by lightning
D) Falling from a tree
  • 10. Where is Carl Linnaeus buried?
A) The Great Wall of China
B) Under the Eiffel Tower
C) Mount Everest
D) Uppsala Cathedral
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