Snippets #1
  • 1. #1 A. By what name did Mr. Johnson call his computer.
A) antique beast
B) Beasty Bessie
C) the beast
D) Beast Bot
  • 2. #1 B. What caused shoppers to drop their bags?
A) When the escalator stopped, it jerked, causing them to drop their bags.
B) Anna's let out a blood-curdling scream.
C) Several shoppers burst into song.
D) Campus security were chasing a shoplifter.
  • 3. #1 C. In what ways are Kelsey and Marie different.
A) nose, body type, and lips
B) hair, nose, and eyes
C) hair, eyes, and body type
D) nose, lips, and chin
  • 4. #1 D. Why can't Damien order ten cheeseburgers?
A) Lester knew that 10 cheeseburgers would make Damien sick.
B) Lester wants to order fries, also.
C) Damien and Lester don't have enough money.
D) McBurger Restaurant had run out of cheese.
  • 5. #1 E. Referring to the airplane as "she" and "old girl" is an example of what kind of story element?
A) metaphor
B) personification
C) idiom
D) simile
  • 6. #1 F. Which detail in the story hints that the setting might be a school hallway of some kind?
A) Becky pushed David into a locker.
B) Becky left David to go to lunch.
C) The title of the story indicated a school called Breakup High.
D) The bell between classes rang.
  • 7. #1 G. Where did the knight do his thinking?
A) behind a sizable boulder
B) in a large cave
C) up in a tall tree
D) under a fallen tree stump
  • 8. #1H. To what did the author compare the officer?
A) an old bag lady
B) a master chef
C) a seasoned wrestler
D) an aged prize fighter
  • 9. #1 I. Why is the tree house falling down?
A) The treehouse can't support all of the weight.
B) Chubbs was the newest member of the club.
C) The floor was made of several layers of cardboard.
D) The ladder was rickety.
  • 10. #1 J. We can infer that the brothers plan to-
A) organize the neighborhood against the drug dealers
B) have eggs for breakfast
C) hard-boil the eggs so they will hurt when they hit
D) throw eggs at the drug dealers
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