6th - Muscle Types Quiz
  • 1. The fastest of the types of muscles are...
A) Skeletal
B) Tongue
C) Cardiac
D) Smooth
  • 2. There are ___ different types of muscles.
A) 1
B) 3
C) 4
D) 2
  • 3. The different types of muscles are called _______________________.
A) skeletal, voluntary, and involuntary
B) smooth, cardiac, and voluntary
C) cardiac, voluntary, and involuntary
D) smooth, cardiac, and skeletal
  • 4. When you digest food, this is an example of __________ muscles at work in your body.
A) skeletal
B) voluntary
C) involuntary
D) cardiac
  • 5. Another name for the cardiac muscle is the _______.
A) Bladder
B) Intestines
C) Kidney
D) Heart
  • 6. The job of the cardiac muscle is to ___________.
A) send signals to the skeletal muscles from the brain
B) allow you to lift weights
C) help you digest food
D) pump blood through your body
  • 7. Skeletal muscles are also referred to as ________ muscles.
A) autonomic
B) involuntary
C) plantar
D) voluntary
  • 8. _________ muscles are attached to the bones by _________.
A) Skeletal, tendons
B) Skeletal, ligaments
C) Skeletal, joints
D) Smooth, muscles
  • 9. Which of the following is NOT an example of an involuntary muscle?
A) Bladder
B) Biceps
C) Stomach
D) Heart
  • 10. Put the types of muscles in order, from slowest to fastest.
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